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Topas GmbH


Topas GmbH

Gasanstaltstraße 47

01237 Dresden




+49 351 21 66 43-0


+49 351 21 66 43 55






Contact Person

Christian Peters



+49 351 21 66 43-0


+49 351 21 66 43 55



Topas GmbH

Topas GmbH Dresden is a specialist company in the field of particle and aerosol technology. The company was founded in 1992 by three engineers of the Technical University of Dresden. Our product range is innovative, cutting-edge and tailor made to suit customer requirements and is constantly evolving. It consists of:
- complete filter testing systems and separator test benches
- aerosol generators (mono- and polydisperse, solid and liquid particles)
- particle counters and particle size spectrometers for aerosols
- particle counters for liquids
- aerosol dilution systems
- pore size measuring instruments
- process aerosol monitors and process photometers
- electrostatic aerosol neutralizers
- microsieve analysis systems
- sedimentometers
- devices for validation and qualification of clean rooms
- blow-by gas measuring devices
The provided filter test stands for filter characterization include complete solutions for testing filters and filter elements, filter media for deep-bed and surface filtration, oil mist separators and other components in accordance with international standards and guidelines. Tailor-made solutions are developed and implemented in co-operation with the customer.
Our product range also includes manufacturing of laboratory glassware.

1. ALF 114 - General Air Filter Test System according to strandards ISO 16890-FDIS, EN 779:2012, ASHRAE 52.2.-2008

2. TDC 584 - IPA Conditioning Cabinet for testing Air Filters according to ISO 16890-4

3. AFS 150 - Automated HEPA/ULPA Filter Scanning Test System to meet the requirements of testing air filters according to EN1822-4 and EN 1822-5

4. AFC 132 QC HEPA - HEPA Filter Element Quality Control Test System designed to meet requirements EN1822-4 Appendix E

5. LAP 322 – Aerosol Particle Size Spectrometer based on optical single-particle measurements

6. BBT 143 – Blow-By Test System for Gravimetric and Photometric Oil Content Determination


1. ALF 114; 2. TDC 584; 3. AFS 150; 4. AFC 132; 5. LAP 322; 6. BBT 143
1. ALF 114; 2. TDC 584; 3. AFS 150; 4. AFC 132; 5. LAP 322; 6. BBT 143

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