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Rentschler Reven - Lüftungssysteme GmbH


Rentschler Reven- Lüftungssysteme GmbH

Ludwigstrasse 16-18

74372 Sersheim












Contact Person

Marcus Auer

Sales Director







Rentschler Reven- Lüftungssysteme GmbH

REVEN® = REntschler VENtilation

In the year 1980, Rentschler Reven-Lüftungssyteme GmbH evolved from thefamily-owned company that was founded in 1905. Right from the beginning, REVEN specialized in the design and manufacturing of air cleaning systems for the machinery and food industry.

This sector has experienced a very dynamic development, because workers in industry benefit from the same air quality regulations as kitchen personnel. In addition, it is a matter of fact that precision work requires a clean working atmosphere free of oil and smoke.

1) air cleaner for machinery center   2) food industry  3) exhaust duct air cleaning
1) air cleaner for machinery center 2) food industry 3) exhaust duct air cleaning

The company is listed under the following keywords in FiltraGuide:

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Cartridge Filter
Filter Cassette
Filter Disc
Filter Pad
Filter Plates
Filter Sheets
Flat Filter Element
Multi Channel Membrane / Multichannel Filter
Pleated Filter
Pocket Filter
Porous Bulk Material
Surface Filter
Tube Filter / Tubular Module
Tube Filter, Flexible
Carbon Filter
Ceramic Filter
Charcoal Filter
Fabric Filter
Fibrous Ceramic Filter
Glass Fibre Filter
Glass Filter
Inorganic Membranes / Membran
Metal Fibre Filter
Metal Filter
Mono/Multi Filament Fabric Filter
Nonwoven Filter
Paper Filter
Plastic Filter
Polymer Filter
Polymer Membranes
Single-layer Sheet Filter
Spin-on Cartridge

Stainless Steel Filter
Wire Cloth Filter
Absolute Filter
Aerosol Separator
Air Filter
Centrifugal Screens / Screen
Cleanroom Filter
Cutting Oil Filter
Dedusting Filter
Dry Dust Collector
Dust Filter
Ex-Proof Filter
Filters for Pneumatic Conveying
Filters for Powder Coating
Filters for Silo Ventilation
Finedust Filter
Gas Filter
Grease Filter
HEPA Filters
Intake Filter
Laboratory Filter
Liquid Filter
Liquid Separator
Lube Oil Filter
Mist Eliminator
Molten Metal Filter
Odor Removal Filter
Oil Aerosol Filter
Oil Filter
Oxygen Filter
Paint Filter

Particulate Filter
Pharma Filter
Separator, Oil / Water
Skimmers, Oil
Sterilizing Filter
Suction Filter
Vacuum Cleaner Filter
Welding Smoke Suction Filter
Absorption Filter
Adsorption Filter
Air Separator
Back Flush Filters
Centrifugal Filters
Centrifugal Separator
Centrifugal Separator
Dedusting, Dust Filtration
Electro Filter
Electrostatic Filter
Electrostatic Precipitator
Gravity Belt Filter
Gravity Separators
Liquid - Solid Separator
Particle Filtration
Self Cleaning Filter System
Separation System
Solid/Liquid Separation

Ancillary Products

Filter Aids
Filter Components, Others
Filter Housings
Filter Plates and Frames
Ion Exchange / Adsorption Equipment
Perforated Metal Tubes/Sheets
UV Sterilisation
Filter Material for Filter Media
Absorptive Media
Activated Carbon
Adsorptive Media

Air Filtration Media
Carbon Fibre
Charcoal Cloth
Fabrics, Pleated
Fabrics, Woven
Filter Foam Material
Filter Mats
Filter Paper
Glass Fibre Media

Metal Fibre, Nonwoven
Sinter Metal
Wire Mesh
Testing, Controlling, Monitoring
Filter Control Devices
Filtration Test Rigs
Measuring Equipment Filter Units
Particle Counting
Machines for Filter Production
Machines for Testing Filters


Analytical Services
Cleaning Tests / Cleaning Proposals
Emission Management
Energy Consulting
Erection and Assembly Service

Filter Cleaning Services
Filter Element Replacement
Filter Systems Maintenance
Filter Test Laboratory
Filtration / Separation Tests
Mobile Test Units

Monitoring of Filtration Systems
Particle Analyzation
Process Troubleshooting
Sales Service
Stationary Test Units
Training in Filtration Techniques


Aerospace Industry
Automotive Industry
Biotechnology Biopharmac. Industry
Building and Construction Services
Ceramic, Glass Industry
Chemical Industries
Dairy Industry
Electronic, Microelectronic Industry
Environmental Protection

Filtration and Separation Industry
Food, Beverage Industry
Heavy Industry
Iron, Steel Manufacturing
Medical, Health Care Industry
Metal Processing Industry
Mineral / Oil / Gas Production
Mining Industry
Petrochemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry
Plastic Industry
Printing Industry
Pulp, Paper Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Textile Industry
Waste Treatment
Water Treatment, Supply

Filtration / Separation of Gases and Gases

Cleaning of Gas

Filtration / Separation of Gases and Solids

Air, Breathing
Air, Compressed
Gas, Corrosive

Gas, Exhaust
Oil Mist and Vapour


Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Gases

Deoiling of Compressed Air

Deoiling of gases

Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Liquids

Deoiling of Steam
Immiscible Liquids

Liquids containing Dissolved Solids
Liquids containing Impurities
Liquids containing Solvents
Liquids with different Densities

Liquids with different Volatility
Multicomponent Mixtures
Oil/Water Mixtures

Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Solids


Oil and Grease


Filtration / Separation of Solids and Solids

< 10 mm
< 0.01mm

< 0.1mm

< 1 mm

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