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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies GmbH & Co. KG


Freudenberg Filtration Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Höhnerweg 2-4

69465 Weinheim




+49 6201 80 6264


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Contact Person

Andreas Fischer

Manager Customer Service


+49 6201 80 7711


+49 6201 88 7711




Contact Person 2

Jutta Becker

Marketing & Communication


+49 (0)6201 / 80-6281


+49 (0)6201 / 88-6281



Freudenberg Filtration Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is one of the Business Groups which make up the worldwide active Freudenberg Group and for more than 60 years now has been developing innovative filtration solutions for people and industry based on comprehensive knowledge and expertise and top-class filters and filter media produced in-house.
Under the brand-name of Viledon, the group offers a complete range of air filters in the Filter Classes from G 3 to U 15 for intake, exhaust and recirculated air filtration. The applications for Viledon filters cover:
• surface treatment and paint spray lines/booths
• food and beverage industry
• intake air filtration for gas turbines and compressors
• air-conditioning and cleanroom systems
• dust removal systems
• corrosion control
In liquid filtration jobs, Viledon nonwoven media are used for filtering milk, edible oil, drinking water and process fluids and they also serve as support materials and pleating aids for membranes. Typical applications are:
• Food and beverage filtration
• Coolant and lubricant filtration
• Oil and fuel filtration
• Support and drainage media for membranes in micro-, ultra- and nano-filtration and reverse osmosis

With Aquabio technology, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies provides advice, process and engineering design, specialist equipment supply and project management for water and wastewater treatment and reuse systems.

micronAir cabin air filters provide effective protection against pollutants and odors inside the car. As the market leader for automotive cabin air filtration Freudenberg supplies the entire product range involved, and is a reliable development partner for the automotive industry.
In the aftermarket, too, micronAir is a dependable player, trusted by dealers, workshops and drivers alike.


Viledon® and MicronAir® filters for air and liquid filtration
Viledon® and MicronAir® filters for air and liquid filtration

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Bag Filter
Candle Filter, Filter Candle
Cartridge Filter
Filter Bag
Filter Cassette
Filter Pad
Filter Plates
Pleated Filter
Pocket Filter
Surface Filter
Charcoal Filter
Fabric Filter
Nonwoven Filter
Absolute Filter
Air Filter
Cabin Air Filter
Cleanroom Filter
Coolant Filter
Dedusting Filter
Drinking Water Filter
Dust Filter

Engine Intake Air Filter
Ex-Proof Filter
Filters for Powder Coating
Filters for Silo Ventilation
Finedust Filter
Fuel Filter
Gas Filter
HEPA Filters
Hydraulic Filter
Intake Filter
Liquid Filter
Lube Oil Filter
Medical Filter, Filtration
Odor Removal Filter
Oil Aerosol Filter
Oil Filter
Paint Filter
Particulate Filter
Pharma Filter
Pool Filter

Pulp and Paper Mill Filter
ULPA Filter
V-Cell Filter
Vacuum Cleaner Filter
Waste Water Filter
Welding Smoke Suction Filter
Absorption Filter
Adsorption Filter
Back Flush Filters
Dedusting, Dust Filtration
Depth Filtration
Micro Filtration MF
Modular Filter System
Particle Filtration
Self Cleaning Filter System
Solid/Liquid Separation
Ultra Filtration UF

Ancillary Products

Filter Aids
Filter Housings
Filter Plates and Frames
Filter Sleeves
Metal Filter Components

Filter Material for Filter Media
Activated Carbon
Adsorptive Media
Air Filtration Media
Antistatic Media
Fabrics, Nonwoven

Filter Mats
Needle Felts
Nonwovens, Meltblown
Nonwovens, Spunbonded


Filter Systems Maintenance
Filter Test Laboratory

Monitoring of Filtration Systems
Particle Analyzation

Sales Service
Training in Filtration Techniques


Aerospace Industry
Automotive Industry
Biotechnology Biopharmac. Industry
Building and Construction Services
Ceramic, Glass Industry
Chemical Industries
Dairy Industry
Electronic, Microelectronic Industry
Energy, Energy Supply
Environmental Protection
Filtration and Separation Industry

Food, Beverage Industry
Heavy Industry
Iron, Steel Manufacturing
Medical, Health Care Industry
Metal Processing Industry
Mineral / Oil / Gas Production
Mining Industry
Paint, Pigments, Coatings Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry

Plastic Industry
Plating Industry
Printing Industry
Pulp, Paper Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Textile Industry
Waste Water Treatment
Water Treatment, Supply
Wood-processing Industry

Filtration / Separation of Gases and Solids

Air, Breathing
Gas, Corrosive

Nitric Oxides

Oil Mist and Vapour

Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Liquids

Liquids containing Dissolved Solids

Liquids containing Impurities

Oil/Water Mixtures

Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Solids

Dairy Products

Hydraulic Oil
Oil and Grease
Pharmaceutical Products
Vegetable Oil

Water, Drinking
Water, Pool
Water, Process
Water, Sea

Filtration / Separation of Solids and Solids

< 10 mm
< 0.01mm

< 0.1mm

< 1 mm

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