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SF-Filter AG


SF-Filter AG

Kasernenstrasse 6

8184 Bachenbülach




+41 44 864 10 60


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Contact Person

Arthur Fritschi

Managing Direktor


+41 44 864 10 60


+41 44 864 14 56


SF-Filter AG

SF Filters are a byword for quality and innovation in the industry. They have established a reputation as a sought-after brand, backed up by the SF Filter Group and its main headquarters at Schupp AG in Bachenbülach, Switzerland; they are a leading supplier of all types of mobile and industrial filters from a wide range of manufacturers. Our subsidiaries in France, Germany, Austria and Poland are the proof of the company’s successful strategy and dynamic development. Thanks to our policy of specialising in our core business, the filter trade, SF today offers a complete, industry-wide range of OEM quality filters, supplied from stock at favourable prices.
The company culture at SF is based on the founding principles of quality, service, advice and a readiness to innovate. Meeting the challenges of business is what makes us tick.

We have unparalleled stock availability, with a permanent stock of over 15’000 types of filter in over 18’000 m2 of warehousing space. Space for practically all sectors of the filtration business. Our customers can find all the filters they need at just one supplier. Tedious searches for different suppliers are a thing of the past – purchasing filters is now a substantially easier process. In most cases the customer can choose between our own SF brand or alternative branded products with a worldwide reputation.

Rapid availability is the Alpha and Omega of business. Thanks to our ultramodern logistics with an automatic warehouse and a well-honed dispatch service, in 98% of cases we are able to deliver filters within 12 hours, eliminating or substantially reducing expensive downtime on your machinery and vehicles. No need for laborious store-keeping.


The company is listed under the following keywords in FiltraGuide:

Product Finder

Bag Filter
Basket Filter
Belt Filter
Candle Filter, Filter Candle
Cartridge Filter
Chamber Filter Elements
Filter Cassette
Filter Disc
Filter Pad
Filter Plates
Filter Sheets
Flat Filter Element
Flat Sheet Membrane
Gap-type Filter
Hollow Fiber Module / Capillary Module
Leaf Filter
Multi Channel Membrane / Multichannel Filter
Pleated Filter
Pocket Filter
Porous Bulk Material
Spiral / Wound Module
Spiral Wound Membranes
Surface Filter
Tube Filter / Tubular Module
Tube Filter, Flexible
Wedge Wire Filter
Bronze Filter
Carbon Filter
Ceramic Filter
Ceramic Foam Filter
Ceramic Membrane / Membranes
Charcoal Filter
Cloth Filter (woven)
Diatomaceous Earth Filter
Fabric Filter
Fibrous Ceramic Filter
Glass Fibre Filter
Glass Filter
Inorganic Membranes / Membran
Metal Fibre Filter
Metal Filter
Metal Filters, Sintered
Mono/Multi Filament Fabric Filter
Nonwoven Filter
Paper Filter
Plastic Filter
Polymer Filter
Polymer Membranes
Sand Filter
Single-layer Sheet Filter
Spin-on Cartridge
Stainless Steel Filter
Textile Filter
Wire Cloth Filter
Absolute Filter
Aeration Filter / Aerator
Aerosol Separator
Air Dryers
Air Filter
Airbag Filter (Automotive)
Aquarium Filter
Automatic System Filter
Bacteriological Filter
Breather Filter
Bunker Filter
Cabin Air Filter
Catalyst Recovery Filter
Centrifugal Screens / Screen

Chemical Filter
Chlorine Removal Filter
Cleanroom Filter
Coolant Filter
Cutting Oil Filter
Dealcoholisation System
Dedusting Filter
Degreasing System
Desalination System
Dewaterer System
Disposable Filters
Drinking Water Filter
Dry Dust Collector
Dust Filter
Engine Intake Air Filter
Ex-Proof Filter
Fermentation Filter
Filters for Pneumatic Conveying
Filters for Powder Coating
Filters for Silo Ventilation
Finedust Filter
Fuel Filter
Furnace Filters
Gas Filter
Grease Filter
Groundwater Sampling Filter
H2S Filter
Heavy Metal Removal Filter
HEPA Filters
Hot Gas Filter / Hot Gas Filtration
Hydraulic Filter
Intake Filter
Laboratory Filter
Liquid Filter
Liquid Separator
Lube Oil Filter
Medical Filter, Filtration
Mist Eliminator
Mixed Bed Filter
Molten Metal Filter
Odor Removal Filter
Oil Aerosol Filter
Oil Filter
Oxygen Filter
Paint Filter
Particulate Filter
Pharma Filter
Pool Filter
Pulp and Paper Mill Filter
Safety Filter
Seawater Filter
Separator, Oil / Water
Sewage Sludge Filter
Skimmers, Oil
Sludge Dewatering Press
Sludge Thickening System
Solids Recovery Filter
Sterilizing Filter
Suction Filter
ULPA Filter
V-Cell Filter
Vacuum Cleaner Filter
Vacuum Filter
Virus Filter
VOC Removal

Waste Water Filter
Water Filter
Water Well Screen
Welding Smoke Suction Filter
Absorption Filter
Adsorption Dryers
Adsorption Filter
Air Separator
Back Flush Filters
Belt Filter Press
Bio Separation
Centrifugal Filters
Centrifugal Separator
Centrifugal Separator
CIP Filter
Cross Flow Filtration / Filter
Dedusting, Dust Filtration
Depth Filtration
Dialysis / Dialysis Filter
Dry Scrubber
Electro Filter
Electrodialysis Filter
Electrostatic Filter
Electrostatic Precipitator
Filter Press
Gas Gas Permeation
Granular Bed Filter
Gravity Belt Filter
Gravity Separators
High Pressure Filter
High Shear Filtration
Liquid - Solid Separator
Magnetic Filter
Magnetic Separator
Membrane Bioreactor MBR
Membrane Cleaner
Membrane Filter Press
Membrane Filtration
Micro Filtration MF
Modular Filter System
Molecular Sieves
Nano Filtration
Nutsche Filter
Particle Filtration
Precoat Filtration
Pressure Filter
Reverse Osmosis RO
Rotary Drum Filter
Screen Basket Filter
Self Cleaning Filter System
Separation System
Solid/Liquid Separation
Ultra Filtration UF
Vibrating Screen Separator
Wet Scrubber

Ancillary Products

Bag Housings
Filter Aids
Filter Components, Others
Filter Housings
Filter Plates and Frames
Metal Filter Components
Valves Filter Units
Filter Material for Filter Media
Absorptive Media
Activated Carbon
Adsorptive Media
Air Filtration Media
Antistatic Media
Carbon Fibre
Charcoal Cloth
Electrostatically Charged Filtration Media

Fabrics, Nonwoven
Fabrics, Pleated
Fabrics, Woven
Filter Belts
Filter Felts
Filter Foam Material
Filter Mats
Filter Media Manufacturing
Filter Paper
Glass Fibre Media
Metal Fibre, Nonwoven
Natural Fiber Media
Needle Felts
Nonwovens, Meltblown

Nonwovens, Spunbonded
Plastic Raw Materials, Coatings
Sinter Metal
Wire Mesh
Testing, Controlling, Monitoring
Analytical Equipment
Control Equipment Filter Units
Filter Control Devices
Filter Paper and Pulp Testing Equipment
Filtration Test Rigs
Measuring Equipment Filter Units
Particle Counting
Sampling Devices
Standard Test Dust
Turbidity Meter


Cleaning Tests / Cleaning Proposals

Particle Analyzation

Sales Service


Aerospace Industry
Automotive Industry
Biotechnology Biopharmac. Industry
Building and Construction Services
Ceramic, Glass Industry
Chemical Industries
Dairy Industry
Electronic, Microelectronic Industry
Energy, Energy Supply
Environmental Protection

Filtration and Separation Industry
Food, Beverage Industry
Heavy Industry
Iron, Steel Manufacturing
Medical, Health Care Industry
Metal Processing Industry
Mineral / Oil / Gas Production
Mining Industry
Paint, Pigments, Coatings Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry

Plastic Industry
Plating Industry
Printing Industry
Pulp, Paper Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Textile Industry
Waste Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
Water Treatment, Supply
Wood-processing Industry

Filtration / Separation of Gases and Gases

Cleaning of Gas

Vapor Mixture

Filtration / Separation of Gases and Solids

Air, Breathing
Air, Compressed
Air, Sterile
Gas, Exhaust
Gas, Exhaust + Fluor

Gas, Fuel
Gas, Rare
Gas, Sour
Nitric Oxides

Oil Mist and Vapour

Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Gases


Deoiling of Compressed Air

Deoiling of gases

Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Liquids

Alcohol Mixtures
Binary Mixtures

Deoiling of Steam
Liquids containing Dissolved Solids

Liquids containing Impurities
Oil/Water Mixtures

Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Solids

Boiler Feed
Ceramic Slurries
Condensate Water
Dairy Products
Diesel Oil
Dyes and Inks
Grinding Slurries

Hydraulic Oil
Industrial Washwater
Liquefied Gases
Metal Melts
Metallic Slurries
Oil Distillates
Pharmaceutical Products
Photographic Emulsions
Pickle Baths
Plastic Melts
Printing Chemicals
Sludge, Sewage Sludge
Spinning Baths

Water, Bottled
Water, Deionized
Water, Desalinized
Water, Drinking
Water, Industrial Waste
Water, Municipal Waste
Water, Pool
Water, Process
Water, Pure
Water, Raw
Water, Sea

Filtration / Separation of Solids and Solids

< 10 mm
< 0.01mm

< 0.1mm

< 1 mm

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