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Filtration Separation Filtraguide Filter Portal

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The Filtration and Separation Portal


Filtration Separation Filtraguide



History of FiltraGuide

The development of the Internet portal FiltraGuide


•  Development of the Internet Portal in 2000.


•  www.filtraguide.com was launched in 2000.


•  The Portal has been operated on a commercial base since 2001.


•  It is financed by Services with costs, advertizing and co-operations

   with publishers.


•  The FiltraGuide-Team listened since the beginning to customers and

   users and collected a lot of online experiences.


•  In May 2001 FiltraGuide won the „Top Chemical Content Site Award

   awarded by www.chemie.de ‘s editors.


•  In Autumn 2002 FiltraGuide won „Best Service“ category from

    Filtration + Separation Magazine „Products Achievements Awards 2002“.

    FiltraGuide has earned the confidence of its audience.


•  In Autumn 2002 the team decided a revision of www.filtraguide.com that

    maximizes information for both users and registered companies.


•  Re-launch of the new website in March 2003. The search behaviour of

   users can be analyzed in detail by using the records of the new FiltraGuide

   Marketing Statistics Tool. The Info Center was established in order to

   publish additional information based on keyword-based search requests.  


•  Changeover of FiltraGuide to the lastest Internet technology. Re-launch

    of the international, branch-specific Internet portal FiltrGuide during

   the FILTECH exhibition in autumn 2005. Company data and product

   advertisments will be easier to find by meeting the requirements of

   common search engines.


   FiltraGuide offers a Network for professional marketing of branch-specific

   products and services in the Internet.

•  In 2016 Merger of the InsideActive Media GmbH into the 

   PictoGraphica Interaktive Medien GmbH.  




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Filtration Separation Filtraguide Filter Portal

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