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Hy-Pro Filtration


Hy-Pro Filtration

6810 Layton Road

46044 Anderson

United States of America











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Mktg. Research Amy Crisp







Hy-Pro Filtration

At Hy-Pro Filtration our objective is to optimize the reliability of hydraulic and lubrication assets to keep plants operating at peak productivity. Our own manufactured innovative filtration products solve a range of contamination challenges that plague hydraulic and lube systems including:

• Particulate contamination - DFE rated filter element upgrades for all international filter manufacturers and OEMs drop ISO codes and yield optimum system performance. Consolidate filter element specs to Hy-Pro, the brand that delivers industry’s lowest ISO codes and best element value.

• Removing water from lube oil - Hy-Pro Vacuum Dehydrators remove all water (including dissolved) to achieve water levels < 30 ppm in lube oil up to ISO VG600. Hy-Pro coalesce technology for turbine oil rapidly removes free and emulsified water for water ppm level < 150. The two technologies can be combined for the ultimate in turbine lube oil purification.

• Lube oil varnish continues to be a major problem for combustion and steam turbines as group II base stock oils replace group I. Hy-Pro & EPT have combined technologies to provide the proven varnish removal prevention and removal solution, SVR soluble varnish removal.

• Total phosphate ester fluid maintenance – Proper care of phosphate ester requires acid remediation, dissolved metal removal, maintaining water < 300 ppm, high efficiency filter elements, and solution driven strategies to prevent servo valve failures and premature fluid replacement. To get it all make the call, to Hy-Pro.

• Mobile filter carts for particulate and water control

• Dedicated off-line lube filtration systems (gearboxes & steel mill lube)

• Preventing servo valve failures

• Oil reclamation equipment & solutions

• Extending phosphate ester useful fluid life

• Extending combustion turbine oil anti-oxidant and overall useful life

• Diesel fuel conditioning for particulate and water removal

• Explosion proof equipment to U.S. and EU (ATEX) standards

Our expertise and shoulder to shoulder commitment to solving your fluid contamination challenges set Hy-Pro apart. Make us a part of your lube team and we'll help you develop a total system cleanliness approach to yield a more reliable plant and keep your world turning.

Get the full support of Hy-Pro Nation. Together with a global distribution network our expert team of Hy-Pro technical field sales engineers are ready to implement proactive strategies to solve hydraulic & lube oil and diesel fuel problems. Experienced in lubrication, filtration and fluid power they carry the highest industry certifications including (CFPS and CLS). Our engineering staff is ready to support your application needs with expert product & industry knowledge to make condition based recommendations for standard or customized contamination solutions.


1) DFE Rated Filter Element Upgrades  2) Vacuum Dehydrator  3) Filter Cart
1) DFE Rated Filter Element Upgrades 2) Vacuum Dehydrator 3) Filter Cart

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