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NanoFiber Future Technologies Corporation


NanoFiber FutureTechnologies Corporation

5060 Tecumseh Road East unit 191

N8T 1C1 Windsor












Contact Person

president Milan Jirak



+1 519.962.3612


+11 866.729.1374



NanoFiber FutureTechnologies Corporation

NanoFiber Future Technologies Corporation (NFTC) based in Windsor-Essex County, Ontario, Canada is a manufacturer of polymer based nanofibers coated on various core materials, supplying both domestic and international sectors. Founded in 2006 it became the leading producer of electrospun nanofibers. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering the highest quality of our products and outstanding customer service, thus enhancing existing products and support developing of new materials. Our team is distinguished by its functional and technical expertise combined with their experience and knowledge through intensive research and development, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service and support.
As leaders in manufacturing of nanofibers we utilize electrospining technology to coat wide range of core materials such as nonwoven textile materials, paper, wood, metal and other materials with a layer of liquid polymer based nanofibers suitable for industries such as filtration, insulation, biomedicine, pharmacy, cosmetics, military and others. Our extensive research and development expertise builds strong foundation for various projects undertaking the most complex tasks in nanotechnology. Proven manufacturing technology on patented electrospining equipment guarantee continues highest production quality on large industrial scale. Enabling our client’s direct involvement throughout the development and testing of final products along with exceptional customer service ensures to exceed client’s expectations and needs.
Unlike other nanofibers manufactures, at NFTC, we possess equipment and know-how to satisfy large volume production. Our low cost production was achieved by extensive research and development throughout the years of study and testing in laboratory environment resulting in creation of one of the first production equipment in the world. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively administering multiple projects. This is due to effectively directing team members in the research and development, testing and production of nanofibers to ensure that all business requirements are met within budget restraints and time schedules.
In order to meet the individual needs of clients, NFTC maintains a wide range of qualifications. We are closely working with universities across North America, Japan and Germany on projects that will saves and improve lives of future generations. NanoStatics, NFTC’s core business partner with their patented electrospining technology, strong research and development expertise and portfolio of established clientele adds extra value to our company resulting in exceptional product and service quality. Moreover, our continuous improvement program in all aspects of manufacturing process as well as customer service overseen by company’s strong leadership distinguishes NFTC from competition and positioned itself on the top of nanotechnology industry. NFTC management along with board of advisory committee has long history of successful manufacturing and service oriented business experience. In NFTC we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients with successfully implementing on nanofibers into their final products.
Exceptional manufacturing and technical expertise, strong management, coupled with extensive research and development makes NanoFiber Future Technologies Corporation the ideal choice for a nanofibers manufacturing firm to enhance existing and develop new products.

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Absolute Filter
Aerosol Separator
Air Filter
Airbag Filter (Automotive)
Aquarium Filter
Bacteriological Filter
Cabin Air Filter
Chemical Filter
Cleanroom Filter
Cutting Oil Filter
Dedusting Filter
Degreasing System
Disposable Filters
Drinking Water Filter
Dry Dust Collector
Dust Filter
Engine Intake Air Filter
Finedust Filter
Fuel Filter
Furnace Filters

Gas Filter
Grease Filter
Groundwater Sampling Filter
H2S Filter
Heavy Metal Removal Filter
HEPA Filters
Intake Filter
Laboratory Filter
Liquid Filter
Liquid Separator
Lube Oil Filter
Medical Filter, Filtration
Mist Eliminator
Oil Aerosol Filter
Oil Filter
Oxygen Filter
Paint Filter
Particulate Filter
Pharma Filter
Pool Filter

Pulp and Paper Mill Filter
Safety Filter
Separator, Oil / Water
Sewage Sludge Filter
Skimmers, Oil
Solids Recovery Filter
Sterilizing Filter
Vacuum Cleaner Filter
Vacuum Filter
Virus Filter
Waste Water Filter
Water Filter
Absorption Filter
Bio Separation
Liquid - Solid Separator
Membrane Cleaner
Membrane Filtration
Nano Filtration
Particle Filtration

Ancillary Products

Filter Material for Filter Media
Fabrics, Nonwoven
Fabrics, Pleated

Fabrics, Woven
Nonwovens, Meltblown

Nonwovens, Spunbonded




Aerospace Industry
Automotive Industry
Biotechnology Biopharmac. Industry
Building and Construction Services
Chemical Industries
Dairy Industry
Energy, Energy Supply

Environmental Protection
Filtration and Separation Industry
Food, Beverage Industry
Medical, Health Care Industry
Mineral / Oil / Gas Production
Mining Industry
Paint, Pigments, Coatings Industry
Petrochemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry
Printing Industry
Pulp, Paper Industry
Textile Industry
Waste Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
Water Treatment, Supply

Filtration / Separation of Gases and Gases

Carbon Monoxide - Gas Mixture
Carbon Monoxide - Hydrogen
Cleaning of Gas

Methane - Carbon Monoxide
Methane - Hydrogen

Nitrogen - Oxygen

Filtration / Separation of Gases and Solids

Air, Breathing
Air, Compressed
Air, Sterile
Gas, Fuel

Gas, Natural
Gas, Rare
Gas, Reducing
Gas, Sour

Oil Mist and Vapour

Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Gases


Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Liquids

Deoiling of Steam
Liquids containing Dissolved Solids

Liquids containing Impurities
Liquids containing Solvents
Liquids with different Densities

Multicomponent Mixtures
Oil/Water Mixtures

Filtration / Separation of Liquids and Solids

Cleaning Solutions
Condensate Water
Dairy Products
Diesel Oil
Dyes and Inks

Hydraulic Oil
Industrial Washwater
Oil and Grease
Oil Distillates
Printing Chemicals
Sludge, Sewage Sludge
Vegetable Oil
Water, Bottled

Water, Deionized
Water, Desalinized
Water, Drinking
Water, Industrial Waste
Water, Municipal Waste
Water, Pool
Water, Process
Water, Pure
Water, Raw

Filtration / Separation of Solids and Solids

< 0.01mm

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